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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Three Weeks ago, Alison Demory, RD, LD Food Service Coordinator for the ICCSD gave an excellent presentation to the Board about recent changes to the Food Service Program.

As a healthcare provider and a parent, I am very concerned about the childhood obesity epidemic in this country. Unfortunately, many of our kids will develop diabetes due to obesity before they graduate. We are in danger of raising an entire generation with a shorter average life expectancy than their parents.

Proper nutrition, physical exercise and parental role models (*ahem, everyone reading this*), are the key to giving our kids a healthy start to a long life.  While the fundamentals start at home, it’s nice to see healthy food choices, portion control and school gardens reinforced while they are away at school.

Alison has made some great changes in just one year with even more changes on the horizon.  Her work deserves to be recognized. Great job!

Here is a link to her presentation:

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